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by Byzant At Sunset

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This is not a band, but a grenade!!
Try to imagine the result from the collision between the tour buses of King Crimson and Revolting Cocks...

Byzant At Sunset is a global project conceived to raise new horizon, offer space and free expression to its members and encourage boldness, creativity and individuality among its members and contributors.

With hundreds of different roots back to classic music, Rock, Punk, Hardcore, Blues, Jazz, and drawing inspiration from thousands of different bands and the flavors of world music, Byzant At Sunset break down walls and boundaries.
This is a great blend of class and crass, fragrant aromas and putrid stench, rainbows and razor-blades.

Reflective of the diversity and contrast of the world in which we live, Byzant At Sunset is the last burning bridge between worlds, but building a new empire from the ashes of the old world.

Merging Industrial with Jazz, (Post) Punk and (Post) Rock with Dub(Step), electronic layers and wildly improvising live instruments, Byzant At Sunset raise a brand new musical horizon. This is the future we’re in! Enjoy!
Debut album entitled “Staring At the Wheel” is planned for an early 2013 release. We're rolling!

The Great Deceiver
Glitching minimalist Industrial build-up sounds and structures backed up by some cutting riffs and blew away by the saxophone, the opening track of the up-coming debut album, "Staring At the Wheel" by Byzant At Sunset is a hell of a teaser of what you must be prepared to expect from this Avant-garde band: the future is sinister, the future is here!

Bang Ur Head
Hard wobbling basses, gloomy tension and then an explosive and vivid chorus turn this one into a driven anthem.

No Reason
This sounds like a frontal collision between Morphine, The Clash and P.I.L. with a deadly dose of Massacre. And well, actually this could sound even wilder then you can imagine. Expect the unexpected. This is the birth of a "new genre": Acidnoisepunksteptripmetal. This is pure craziness!!
On 9th October 2012 a teaser, free LP long EP (LOL) will be released including none-album B-side and 13+ murderous remixes!!

The Jazzoline
Imagine a song which starts as the smoothest John Coltrane song and end up as the most furious The Thing live jam. Ladies and gentlemen, we proudly present: Byzant At Sunset.

I hate the Blues
"This is not about hating the Blues, but hating "that Blues" which, in my mind it's associated to Led Zeppelin and in a few words sounds like this:
"My baby left me and I'm so sad I can't hold back my tears..."
No way dude! F*ck that bitch and go for the next bitch right now and f*ck her too! LOL So, I hate bitching!! (More LOLs)
And yeah, I hate the Blues!
With lyrics sung in Hungarian this is a quite rare ride." (AB Byzant)

FL Byzant - saxophone
RP Byzant - guitars, mastering.
AB Byzant - producer, piano, bass, synths, samplers and drum programming, editing, mixing, mastering.!/ByzantAtSunset


released 05 September 2012

FL Byzant - saxophone
RP Byzant - guitars, mastering.
AB Byzant - producer, piano, bass, synths, samplers and drum programming, editing, mixing, mastering.



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Track Name: Bang Ur Head [edit]
Running out of fuel, running out of roads
Running out of questions, running out of thoughts,
Running out of answers, running out of pills,
Running out of bullets, running out of thrills…

Running out of girls, running out of boys,
Running out of friends, running out of toys,
Running out of feelings, running out of beer,
Running out of dreams, I’m running out of here.

Bang Your Head

Running out of fire, running out of rain,
Running out of sugar, running out of pain,
Running out of sea, running out of sun,
Running out of money, running out of fun…

Bang Your Head

Bang Your Head
Bang your head, bang your head, bang.
Bang Your Head.
Track Name: No Reason [edit]
No reason is a reason good enough
No reason is a reason good enough
No reason is a reason good enough
No reason
Good enough
Track Name: I Hate The Blues [demo]
Szól a Blues
lefele húz,
Szól a Blues
What the?!

I Hate the Blues... What the?!

(I hear the Blues
it brings me down,
I hear the Blues
what the?!)