Bang Ur Head

by Byzant At Sunset

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    We plan to record our debut album, need more funds for some studio time, some hard and soft-ware.
    We want to bring in real drummers as well, make this project sound better, louder, even more ass-kicker.
    So, thanks for your support - we are really appreciate it!
    You will be mentioned at the thanks section of the album.
    If we will raise enough founds, we dream of releasing a double vinyl album as well.
    Download also include one bonus track, graphics and printer-ready (A4) art-work. Enjoy!
    Still, can grab totally FOR FREE, one by one, all the 10 remixes!!




Bang Ur... Video!!

"This is a band that uses some very progressive structures and extremely talented musicians to create a really innovative and interesting sound." ( Matt Baggins at Two Guys Metal Reviews )

"If you have ever looked for anything novel, it’s right in the contents of this EP. The blend of dubstep born bass drops, elevator music, and all things Mike Patton intrigues the senses and demands replay after replay to hear something new each time. Furthermore, Bang Ur Head offers great execution from all of the instrumental counterparts and, despite the initial sense of chaos, it really comes out to be a cohesive work." (Desiree Brown for Sound And Motion Magazine )

An American guitarist, an Italian saxophonist and a singer/keyboard player from East Europe joint their forces to bring to the surface this project. They never met face-to-face, this project was build up through the wire - on the internet. A true story to tell to your grandsons!

The three members of this project are living on different continents, they never been in the same room, not even in the same country ever, but they are playing together. This is an exclusively "via internet" (on-line) collaborative-creative project. One proof of the positive effect and impact of Globalization and technology over humanity. Although they never had the opportunity and pleasure to playing together in the rehearsal room, this music sounds very alive, very fresh, raw and impossible to fit into any genre.
With hundreds of different roots back to classic music, Rock, Punk, Hardcore, Metal, Blues, Jazz, electronic music, and drawing inspiration from thousands of different bands and the flavors of world music, Byzant At Sunset break down walls and boundaries. This is a great blend of class and crass, fragrant aromas and putrid stench, rainbows and razor-blades.

An extended play (or EP) is a musical recording that contains more music than a single, but is too short to qualify as a full studio album or LP.
This is the second EP by Byzant At Sunset, a double EP actually, but this is really-really an ultra-mega-super extended play while the band delivered 9 original tracks (more then 44 minutes) and 10 plus 1 (hidden bonus) remixes - which are pounding more then 46 minutes.
Totally 95 minutes of music, it's definitively hell of an extended play!!

Words are meaningless, turn up your loudspeakers and play the music!!

Byzant At Sunset are:

FL Byzant - saxophone.
RP Byzant - guitars, keys, programming, mixing and mastering.
AB Byzant - vox, samplers, pianos and keys, synthesisers, programming, editing, mixing, art work, producer.!/ByzantAtSunset

Byzant At Sunset would like to thanks to their friends and contributors: ALBM, Carda, DaveDaG, JohnnySix, Meecrob, mSelv, Prafu, Richard Walker, Ultraglow, The ?uestion Mark and our other friends on Indaba Music. Your remixes are... "even better than the real thing!"!! Awesome job everyone, we love you guys!
FL Byzant would like to thanks to: John Coltrane.
RP Byzant would like to thanks to: First and foremost I want to give thanks to the amazing talent, the liberating freedom, and the tolerant friendship that my other trans-global Byzant collaborators have given to me. Without them I would never have been inspired and driven so intensely to create this music, and certainly would never had worked so hard and joyously on it. Great thanks go to my wife, Ami, who ha always pushed me and encouraged me to create what I hear in my soul, not what the world is telling me to create. Thanks to all of my family and friends that have encouraged me to be myself, regardless of what any norm is. And of course, huge thanks to the forces that drive me to make music, breathe, and to create positivity in the universe.
AB Byzant would like to thanks to: FL Byzant; RP Byzant; MG Byzant; my partner, support, inspiration and soul-mate Carmen; my son David; Alex Tass; my family and close friends who always supported and encouraged me to do the things I do.
Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!


released December 12, 2012

FL Byzant - saxophone.
RP Byzant - guitars, keys, programming, mixing and mastering.
AB Byzant - vox, samplers, pianos and keys, synthesisers, programming, editing, mixing, art work, producer.



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Byzant At Sunset Bucharest, Romania

This is not a band, but a grenade!!
Try to imagine the result from the collision between the tour buses of King Crimson and Revolting Cocks.

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Track Name: Bang Ur Head (original mix)
Running out of fuel, running out of roads
Running out of questions, running out of thoughts,
Running out of answers, running out of pills,
Running out of bullets, running out of thrills…

Running out of girls, running out of boys,
Running out of friends, running out of toys,
Running out of feelings, running out of beer,
Running out of dreams, I’m running out of here.

Bang Your Head

Running out of fire, running out of rain,
Running out of sugar, running out of pain,
Running out of sea, running out of sun,
Running out of money, running out of fun…

Bang Your Head

Bang Your Head
Bang your head, bang your head, bang.
Bang Your Head.
Track Name: (Car Bombs for) Carlos